Tour Station Three: Eric D. Hillenburg Museum

Welcome to the Eric D. Hillenburg Museum. At the center of the photo is a monument which summarizes the loss of this Marine in action at Falluja, Iraq. Take note of the date of death inscribed on the face of the monument, then zoom in on the snapshot at the base of the photo. Lance Corporal Hillenburg was killed in action two days before Christmas, 2004. The snapshot is the last known photograph of Corporal Hillenburg and was taken 21 December, 2004.

To the left of the monument is an Information Post. Click on it to open a page of websites that provide more information about Lance Corporal Hillenburg. As we saw at the Memorial Garden, some gave all.

Inside the Museum we have placed art and photographs honoring active duty and veterans on display walls by service. As you enter the museum, you will also see a display of our nation’s founding documents, the United States Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Nearby is another information post which will open a web page at the National Archives which tells about our nation’s founding documents.

Each member of the United States armed forces swears an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is indeed fitting and proper that they should be displayed in view of a monument to a man who upheld his oath with his own life.

Upstairs in the Museum you will find the Charter Members Display, including a photo frame containing five portraits, one for each of our five charter members. These individuals founded the U.S. Military Veteran group as well as the U.S. Military Veterans Center which is the group’s headquarters. You will see their names again inside the Veterans Information and Learning Center at the Information/Help Desk.

As you continue to the right of the Charter Members Display you see an array of photo frames, one for each of the five armed services, containing Second Life portraits of our group members. In addition, a sixth frame has been provided for those group members who wish to contribute photographs of their active duty service. Each individual who qualifies for membership in the U.S. Military Veteran group becomes a part of history in this ground-breaking effort to provide information, support, outreach and services to veterans, active duty service members and their families.


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