Tour Station Seven: The American Legion

Located on the second floor of the Center’s Learning and Resources building, The American Legion is the second national veterans service organization (VSO) to establish an official presence at the U.S. Military Veterans Center in Second Life. Their information desk includes a clickable laptop that loads the official website of The American Legion. A clickable signboard toward the left of the information desk provides information about services provided by The American Legion. To leave a message for The American Legion’s representatives in Second Life, click on the suggestion box on the information desk, then wait for the “beep” which will appear as green text in chat. When you see the word “beep” in green letters, simply type your message and press enter to send it to the suggestion box.

The American Legion’s group in Second Life allows anyone to join as a Friend. However, if you are in real life a member of The American Legion, please address an Instant Message to DecimusMeridus Maximus and include your real life name, post number, city, state and membership number. He will then be able to locate you on The American Legion membership database and add you to the SL group as a Member.


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