Tour Station One: Teleport Landing Pad

This is where everyone lands when they teleport into the Veterans Center. We’ve added some features to make the Veterans Center more user-friendly. To the right of the avatar is a Site Map and legend. The round white disk in front of the person on the teleport landing pad is an area teleport. And the green post in front of the avatar is a Vote Box…be sure to click on it to let Linden Labs know you had an enjoyable visit.

Use your camera controls to zoom in on the text below the map to read more about the buildings and features here at the Veterans Center. Mouse over the text. Next, hold down your Alt key. You’ll see that the hand changes into a magnifying glass. While holding down the Alt key, just move your mouse forward to zoom. Or use your trackwheel.

Our Area Teleport is easy to use. Just click on it, then pick your destination from the blue heads-up display (HUD) menu. Then click on the column of light to teleport!

Finally, please remember to click on the Vote Box when you land or if not, when you leave.


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