Tour Station Five: Disabled American Veterans

Disabled American Veterans has created this area at the U.S. Military Veterans Center; the main DAV Campus consists of six regions or “sims.” The white signboard on the left launches a National Service Officer directory when clicked; the red map on the right launches a DAV Chapter Locator. A clickable laptop on the DAV information desk launches the official DAV website where you can learn how to join as well as what services DAV provides. A clickable easel nearby provides a Landmark to teleport to the main DAV Campus. You will also notice a clickable easel next to the information desk…it will send a message to DAV’s representative – Reanea Burnstein. Lying on the information desk is a clickable issue of DAV magazine. As you explore the DAV area, be sure to pick up a t-shirt and examine the photo display of the six-region facility they are constructing to deliver information, outreach and services to veterans. If you are in real life a member of Disabled American Veterans, send an Instant Message to Annee Hotshot or Reanae Burnstein with your real life name and DAV membership number. You will then be added to the DAV in Second Life group and have access to the entire DAV facility, including the members-only areas.


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