International News Magazine Interview

Nomad Albatros, one of the co-founders of U.S. Military Veteran and Patriot Island, was recently interviewed by an in-world journalist with Signals Magazine, an international news magazine for military, government and security industry professionals.  How appropriate, since Nomad served as a cryptologist during his active duty in the U.S. Navy.

Known in-world as Writeangel Nightfire, the journalist urged Nomad to send a photograph of our group members for consideration as the cover for the May 2009 issue, in which his interview will be published.  Unfortunately, Nomad’s laptop as of this date is still not functioning properly, so he was unable to complete that request despite his valiant efforts.

A number of vets did answer the call to participate in a photo-shoot at Patriot Island in dress or utility uniform.  We took a number of example pictures and sent them to Writeangel’s email for the Editor In Chief’s consideration.  He selected the overhead view of a conversational group standing in front of the Information Desk.  According to Writeangel, he was quite pleased to see the several services represented and the inclusion of females, all in the uniforms created by Chief Edward Pluto, who is a retired Navy cryptologist.

Unfortunately, the view used did not include quite enough background area for placement of text on the cover.  Worse, the default photography setting in Second Life could not be enlarged to the scale needed for an approximately 8 1/2 by 11 inch magazine.

However, with a little direction over the telephone from their art director, we were able to provide a photograph that would satisfy the Editor In Chief and leave room for the magazine’s name, as well as other needed text.  We solved the resolution problem easily…some of the veterans in the photo shoot happened to know how to adjust the camera settings in Second Life.  So at last, we were able to provide a high enough resolution photo large enough for the magazine cover.

We are humbly grateful to each veteran who answered the call and who were so incredibly patient while we figured out on the fly how to take a high resolution photograph in Second Life.

We are especially thankful to those who posed for the example photographs that caught the Editor In Chief’s eye.  If all the effort brings just one veteran into Second Life and into contact with people or information that helps solve a challenge, it will have been worthwhile.


Gwill Brickworks, USMC vet, interviewed by SLCN TV

Katt Linden and Everett Linden are in the studio to talk about The Linden Prize then the secret musical guests get festive with a rendition of Santa Baby. Stay tuned for the interview with Gwill Brickworks, US Marine Corps vet.  Gwill is one of the five co-founders of the U.S. Military Veterans Center.