Meet Asdzaa Oh

U.S. Military Veteran Center Co-founder Asdzaa Oh

U.S. Military Veteran Center Co-founder Asdzaa Oh

In everyday life, Second Life avatar Asdzaa Oh is known as Cindy to her friends and family.  Her very first “job” at age 16 was as a volunteer candy striper at her local VA medical center.  She eventually married, and her adventures after her husband enlisted in the Army included about two years at Fort Hood; three years stationed at Ray Barracks, north of Frankfurt, Germany; and the remainder of the enlistment at Fort Carson.  She still treasures the many interesting valuable experiences she had as an Army wife.  Having experienced first-hand the rigors of military family life, she is still ready to help the current generation of military wives and families cope with the additional stresses and challenges of separation from family members and especially their time apart from their service members spouse.

Her family has a long tradition of military service, predominantly Navy and Army.  She regularly donates to Disabled American Veterans at the Silver Leader level of the Commander’s Club and is eligible for auxiliary memberships in both Veterans of Foreign Wars and The American Legion.

She is self-employed and is thus often able to volunteer several hours a day at the U.S. Military Veterans Center.  When she is not logged into Second Life, group members and visitors to the Center can page her by sending an off-line instant message which is relayed nearly instantly to her Blackberry.

In Second Life, she works closely with HONDO Slade, with whom she co-founded the U.S. Navy Vet group in 2007.  She and HONDO were the first to join the U.S. Military Veteran group established by Cowboy Wayne, and the U.S. Navy Vet group, initially used to manage the U.S. Military Veterans Center, has become a subsidiary affiliate.  Asdzaa credits Cowboy Wayne with forseeing that the work of these three random friends could influence the lives of hundreds or more.  She greatly appreciates Nomad Albatros and Gwill Brickworks who stumbled upon the fledgling Veterans Center then joined the Vet Center management team. Each of the five members of the management team contributes vital effort to the Vet Center.


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