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Seeking More Feedback = DEMOB Events
Posted At : December 22, 2009 2:04 PM | Posted By : vetadmin

We asked you for any feedback on VA support of Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP) events, and you responded back. And thank you for that. Now we now ask for feedback on VA’s support during the DEMOB cycle.  Is our current support helpful? And what can we do differently?  Let’s start with what a DEMOB is. That’s short for de-mo-bil-i-za-tion… it’s basically when Johnny/Janey comes marching home from a warzone, and there are (depending on the service) 4-5 days to out-process / eventually discharge them from Active Duty and try and transition them back to the civilian world. This can include equipment turn-in, medical exam, DD-214 prep, travel orders, etc.   And as part of the DEMOB process, Reservists, to include National Guard, are now given an introduction to the VA during their out-processing at currently (and the list is growing) 61 DEMOB sites (15 Army, 36 Air Force, 4 Navy, 3 Marine and 3 Coast Guard).   Our newest combat Veterans receive an overview on VA services and benefits and are enrolled in VA healthcare.   They are then members of the VA Family, and are assigned an OEF/OIF Program Manager to contact, who will set up their initial health and dental appointments at the VA facility of their choice.   As of November 2009, VA has supported over 1,295 DEMOB events, briefed over 73,000 Veterans, and enrolled over 70,000 of them, for a 95-percent enrollment rate.   VA Secretary Eric Shinseki emphasized getting young Vets signed up now — rather than later — with the VA, and he alluded to why in a recent speech to an Air/Army National Guard audience:  “I ask all of you to talk to your Soldiers and Airmen—stress the importance of registering with VA as soon as they are eligible. Many view VA as an organization for old men, but it will become important to them in 10, 15, 20, or 25 years.” So, please, let us know — is our current DEMOB transition support helpful for you? And what can we do differently to help you at these DEMOB sites?


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