Teacher guides vets back to campus

By Meghan Barr – The Associated Press
Posted : Sunday Jul 5, 2009 9:54:13 EDT

CLEVELAND — John Schupp pulled his car onto a country road lined with half-grown corn. Dark clouds obscured the sun, and he couldn’t tell which way pointed east or west. Thunder rumbled in the distance.  He was lost.  But he reminded himself of why he was here — his self-appointed mission to find the soldiers and bring them back to college. It was his turn now. He pressed down on the gas pedal of his old, gold-colored Honda, remembering a conversation.  In the college chemistry class he taught, a student back home from duty in Kosovo described to him what it was like to be a veteran on campus. She felt like an outcast, she said.  The comment stirred Schupp — who had always admired soldiers’ sacrifices to protect people they’d never met. He was not a veteran himself, and even said the thought of dying terrified him.  He started asking around. On America’s college campuses, he learned, the young woman’s reaction was not unusual. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are being swallowed up by the crowds. In class, many scan the windows for snipers and warily size up fellow students. Set adrift from the military, they can grow discouraged and disappear.  And so the professor who never wanted to fight realized he had a battle on his hands. The ones who had protected him for so long needed his protection now.http://www.navytimes.com/news/2009/07/ap_veterans_college_070509/


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