Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics (ANAM)

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC)

There is a major focus on cognitive assessment for Service Members. The concern comes from injuries seen during conflicts in which Service Members may be injured by explosions, resulting in concussions, also known as mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).  A brain injury that may result from such blasts can range from mild to severe.  An mTBI/concussion may cause changes which include a slower reaction time, headaches, irritability, memory impairments, and sleep difficulty. These symptoms may result in decreased performance. Performance is critical to mission effectiveness.  One reason that an mTBI/concussion can go unnoticed is that symptoms may not be obvious. Therefore the Service Member may not have visible external injuries.

Purpose of the ANAM:

ANAM is a proven computer-based tool designed to detect speed and accuracy of attention, memory, and thinking ability. It records a Service Member’s performance through responses provided on a computer.  It is being conducted prior to deployment and can be used to identify and monitor changes in function. It does not diagnose any medical condition.  The results may help healthcare staff compare a Service Member’s speed and accuracy of attention, memory, and thinking ability before and after an injury.


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