VA domiciliary offers aid to troubled vets

by Janice Gibbs | Medical Writer
Published: June 22, 2009
The struggles of wounded warriors are well documented. There are veterans who carry their injuries on the outside, while others’ injuries are not readily apparent, but equally traumatic. Many of those who carry their wounds internally turn to drugs and alcohol to quiet their inner turmoil, a way of life hard to sustain.  When the veteran is ready for help there are VA programs in place to assist. The domiciliary at the Olin E. Teague Veterans’ Center has several residential treatment programs to help the veteran who is trying to find his or her footing in a world turned upside down.  “There aren’t a lot of barriers that would exclude veterans from the programs, other than availability,” said Dr. Fred Willoughby, psychologist at the domiciliary. “Most of the programs have waiting lists. We can’t guarantee same-day access.”  Programs at the domiciliary include a Substance Treatment Employment Program that provides assessment and treatment services to veterans with substance abuse problems. The vocational aspect of the program works with the veteran to find employment, housing, transportation and reintegration into the community.  The Rehabilitation and Reintegration Treatment Program focuses on rehabilitation of medical and mental health problems, and reintegration into the community.  The Women’s Trauma Recovery Center provides residential treatment for the effects of military sexual trauma.  Domiciliary residents get into the treatment programs in a number of ways, including VA homeless social workers, the Waco VA psychiatric unit and VA hospitals. The residents come from across the country.

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