Military Unites With Hollywood on ‘Transformers’

By Joe Davidson
Special to American Forces Press Service

LOS ANGELES, June 23, 2009 – “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” hits theaters nationwide tomorrow as the culmination of more than a year of Defense Department support, ranging from script and uniform notes to C-17 aerial maneuvers and jumps from the Army’s Golden Knights parachute demonstration team. The first Transformers film released in July 2007 used a variety of Air Force assets. In the latest film, DreamWorks and Paramount studios partnered with all four services to highlight America’s military members and combat power on the big screen. Deciding how and why to work with the services was essential in making the film work, producers said.   “There are really a lot of similarities between a military operation and a movie production,” said Army Lt. Col. Greg Bishop, the department’s project officer for the movie. “The mobility of the operation, the logistics and planning required, and the problem-solving skills required to pull the whole thing off are very much alike.”   Transformers executive producer and director Michael Bay has worked with military leaders on other films and frequently consults with them to make action sequences in his movies appear more authentic.


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