Final GI Bill family transfer rules unveiled

By William H. McMichael – Staff writer
Posted : Tuesday Jun 23, 2009 16:07:30 EDT

Service members can register to transfer their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits to family members beginning June 29, the Pentagon announced Tuesday.  The program represents both the most significant expansion of education benefits since they were first offered after World War II and, for service members with families, the most significant retention bonus offered since the start of the all-volunteer force. Most users will earn benefits payments spread over 36 months that will total between $75,000 and $90,000, the Pentagon estimates.  On June 29, a special Pentagon Web site will go live, allowing service members to securely apply to allow their immediate family members to share in their education benefits beginning Aug. 1, according to Bob Clark, the Defense Department’s assistant accession policy director and the top official working on the new benefits plan.  Service members who plan to use at least part of their benefit in the near future should first register through the Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill Web site, Clark said. But those who do not plan to use their benefits anytime soon, or not at all, do not have to register with VA to apply for the family member benefit; they can simply register through the Pentagon site that will become active June 29.  Service members have up to 15 years from the time they leave the service to apply through VA for a Certificate of Eligibility, Clark said.


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