Women Soldiers

Courtesy Story
Date: 05.28.2009
Posted: 05.28.2009 08:19
CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq – When the 56th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Texas Army National Guard deployed last summer in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, hundreds of Soldiers were activated to fight the war on terrorism, and women were not overlooked.  The women who serve with the 56th IBCT have been classified as non-combat arms; however, many of the female Soldiers currently serving have found themselves in situations very similar to that of combat arms Soldiers. The women called up for duty these days serve in positions such as drivers, gunners, and medics, all of whom can be directly engaged by the enemy.
Almost daily, Spc. Doris Campos, a native of Cuero, Texas and the mother of two and grandmother of two, assumes her role behind the wheel of a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle, navigating the streets of Baghdad and placing herself on the forefront of the battle. By going outside the wire, Campos takes the risk of engaging in life-threatening situations. This is Campos’ fourth deployment. During her first three, she served in her primary Military Occupational Specialty as an Automated Supply Specialist. When she heard that Delta Company, 949th Brigade Support Battalion, was going to be tasked with convoy security, she not only volunteered to be deployed, but also requested to serve in a line company where she would be in closer contact with the enemy.

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