Panel OKs inquiry at Homeland Security

The House Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution of inquiry that requires Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to turn over all documents used to compile a recent report that suggests returning U.S. military combat veterans could be vulnerable targets for right-wing extremists who wish to recruit them for their cause, The Washington Times reported.

The subpoena will become binding if it is passed by the full House, the paper wrote, and then Napolitano must hand over the documents within 14 working days. The report theorized that “right-wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat,” the newspaper noted.

The measure, introduced on May 6 by Rep. Peter T. King, R-N.Y., originally was criticized by Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., as “another GOP stunt aimed at embarrassing the new administration.”  However, Thompson backed the subpoena on Tuesday and the unanimous vote was a rare bipartisan move by the committee.

“I assume Bennie wanted to do the right thing, and he realized that we have members across the board who are dissatisfied with the department, and it really created a firestorm in many districts,” King told The Washington Times.


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