Vet advocate accused of being Marine faker

By Alysia Patterson – The Associated Press
Posted : Thursday May 14, 2009 20:04:05 EDT 

DENVER — A Colorado Springs-based veterans organization has voted to disband after members accused its founder of fabricating an identity as a former Marine captain who served three tours in Iraq and was at the Pentagon on 9/11.

Richard Glen Strandlof, 32, who used the name Rick Duncan, founded the Colorado Veterans Alliance about two years ago. Major Carl Redding, spokesman for the Marine Corps, said there is no record of Richard Glen Strandlof or Rick Duncan serving in the Marines.

The accusations were first reported by The Gazette of Colorado Springs.  Strandlof’s grandfather, Richard Kenneth Strandlof of Dayton, Mont., also said his grandson never served in the military.

Alliance Spokesman Dan Warvi said: “We feel his actions permanently damaged the reputation of Colorado Veterans Alliance to the point that no future efforts can go forward.”  Police arrested Strandlof on Tuesday night on an outstanding traffic warrant from El Paso County. He is in custody at Denver City Jail on $1,000 bond.  Strandlof declined an Associated Press request for an interview made through the Denver sheriff’s office.


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