Multi-Agency Effort to Support Military

DAVENPORT, IOWA|by Commander Brenda Gearhart, Chief, Clinical Practice Resource Support

8 April 2008

DCoE has begun work on a collaborative initiative to provide multi-level, psychological and traumatic injury support to service members and their loved ones. The initiative consists of the development of five audience-specific toolkits that will not only provide tools to families, but will also help those surrounding military members and their families better understand and support their needs.

Representatives from Department of Defense agencies, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Service agencies, state agencies, National Guard and Reserve agencies, military families, academic institutions and other non-federal organizations are all part of the group “Building Bridges to Support the PH/TBI Needs of Military and Veteran Families,” officially formed in February.

The group is currently working on content for the toolkits that will offer practical resources regarding psychological health and traumatic brain injury concerns. The toolkits are geared toward the following audiences: warriors and families, command and line leaders, healthcare professionals, helping professionals (e.g. school personnel, chaplains, child and youth staff, family service staff) and community leaders. The toolkit for community leaders addresses the concerns of civilian communities that want to become more knowledgeable about military culture and combat-related stress so that National Guard, Reserve and veteran families have an easier time accessing services by providers who are familiar with their issues.


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