Support Group Helps Veterans Navigate Federal Job Application Process

Office of the Secretary of Defense Public Affairs

Story by Samantha Quigley
Date: 04.14.2009
Posted: 04.14.2009 01:06

WASHINGTON – Navigating the federal job application process can be mindboggling, but veterans can have a personal guide thanks to a new Military Order of the Purple Heart Web site.

MOPH offers veterans its new site as the answer to the puzzle, given that the Labor Department estimates 100,000 new federal jobs will open in the federal sector, the group’s national veteran employment officer said.

“There are lots of places that you can go to get information. However, this is one place that you can gather enough information to intelligently apply for a federal job,” Don Nichols said. “We knew that the younger generation of veterans probably could use a little bit of help knowing where to go, how to go through the process of applying for a federal job and understanding how the system works.”

The site contains information about how to register with, the official Web site for seeking federal employment. This is in addition to links to each state’s employment service, the Labor Department, and the Office of Personnel Management.


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