Obama Vows More Support to Mil Families

April 10, 2009
American Forces Press Service|by Donna Miles
WASHINGTON – Fresh back from visiting troops deployed to Iraq, President Barack Obama said he was “inspired all over again by the men and women in our armed forces,” and vowed to ensure the programs that support them receive proper funding. Obama said he made a surprise visit to Baghdad earlier this week to thank deployed troops personally for their service and what they’ve helped accomplish.
“They’ve faced extraordinary challenges, and they have performed brilliantly in every mission that’s been given to them,” he said. “They have given Iraq the opportunity to stand on its own as a democratic country, and that is a great gift.”
In doing so, Obama said they’ve made sacrifices “many of us cannot begin to imagine.”
“Through their service, they are living out the ideas that stir something deep within the American character: honor, sacrifice and commitment to a higher purpose and to one another,” he said. “That, after all, is what led them to wear the uniform in the first place: their unwavering belief in America.”
As Obama reflected on his Baghdad visit, he shared the stories of two soldiers he met who exemplify the spirit and dedication of America’s fighting force.


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