Several States Offer Additional Benefits to Vets

Most military veterans know about the Veterans Administration and are aware of at least some of the benefits they have earned.  However, states often provide additional benefits to veterans.  Read about new laws some states have passed to provide additional thanks to veterans. To learn more about benefits specific to your state, please contact a veterans service organization, or your county or state department of military and veterans affairs.  Veterans who haven’t yet sent a copy of their DD-214 to their state department of veterans affairs will find this an excellent reason to do so.  Any of the veterans service organizations in your community should have contact information you can use to send a copy of your DD-214 by certified mail to your state DVA.  Another way is to go to the VA website and open the directory of state DVAs.

If you happen to be at the Veterans Center in Second Life, just use the laptop computer on the second floor of the information building.  It’s the one with the red and white U.S. map on the screen and is preloaded with the VA directory of the websites for state DVAs.

The DMVA of my home state of Colorado for instance offers Operation Recognition, a program that provides high school diplomas to those veterans who left school to defend freedom.  Disabled veterans may qualify for a property tax exemption.  Members of the Colorado National Guard are eligible for tuition assistance.  A family relief fund is also available to active duty, guard and reserve service members.


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