Veterans Service Organization News Nuggets

In addition to the many services provided to veterans, the service organizations also keep veterans in the know.  Each of the veterans service organizations includes a news area on their website for up to the minute developments.  At least two provide the full content of their magazines on the web.  The following is an example of how some of the veterans service organizations keep their members informed both in print and on the web.

AmVets publishes its 40-page American Veteran magazine in paper and web editions.  This veterans service organization provides news right up front on the home page.  Ever wonder what happens to a claim after it arrives at the VA? AmVets’ National Service Director Denny Boller explains the process in the current issue.  In his previous three Service Corner articles, he explains the process from initial preparation prior to separation up until the claim is submitted to the VA Regional Office.  American Veteran magazine is published four times a year and past issues are available on the web.

Disabled American Veterans publishes DAV Magazine six times a year in paper and web editions.  Its official website includes a news area.  The current issue contains 40 pages of valuable information especially for veterans during peacetime or war who have become disabled in the service to our nation.  As DAV National Commander Raymond E. Dempsey explains,

Our newest generation of veterans is articulate,
energetic, and dedicated to mission. They
have the right stuff to strengthen the DAV and to
move us forward into this new century.
These veterans need experienced partners
who will work for them and share the camaraderie
of those who have traveled this road before

Disabled veterans will find DAV Magazine loaded with valuable resources and insights.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to download and view the magazine online, but the viewer is free to download here.

The American Legion publishes a selection of articles on the web from its magazine.  Sneak a preview here.

Veterans of Foreign Wars publishes selections from each issue of VFW Magazine on the web and presents news front and center on the home page.  Visit the current issue and archives to read more. An 8-page newsletter, Checkpoint, is also available in PDF form.


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