U.S. Soldiers Electrocuted By Improper Wiring in Iraq

American servicemembers in Iraq face an unexpected threat: faulty wiring.  At least 13 have been killed.  During the second half alone of 2006, nearly 300 electrical fires were reported.  Two soldiers died.

Electricians warned the contractor about the unsafe conditions, which they said were due to unlicensed supervisors and Iraqi contractors who did not understand the hazards.

Some electrocutions occurred in showers. One soldier, a Green Beret, died when an improperly grounded pump sent a lethal jolt of electricity through his body when he turned on the water.

According to this CNN report, the Army has known about the danger of electrocution since the beginning of the Iraq war.

An Army probe found contractor KBR guilty of negligent homicide for failing to ensure that electrical work was completed by qualified electricians.  The report is currently being reviewed by the Criminal Investigation Command at Ft Belvoir, Virginia.

Read more here.


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