Disabled American Veterans in Second Life

What’s new at DAV this week? Keep reading to see how to get up-to-date news from DAV, other veterans service organizations, or any news site.

Anyone else addicted to news? For those of us with an allergy to typing, there’s a cool tool called a news feeder.  Look for a big orange button on a website and click on it to start your subscription.  Simply choose the way you want to view your news.

How easy is it? Well…it’s easy enough for those of us who thought an IBM Selectric was the cutting edge of high tech way back when.

And it’s free.

For a test run, visit the DAV website and take a look at the article on DAV in Second Life.  You can click on the headline on the front page. Better yet, just visit the News & Events area then look for the large orange RSS feed button at the lower left of the page.  Or if you’re short on time, click the words “large orange RSS feed button” to just zoom over without clicking through the website.

When you click on that big orange button, you’ll be offered several options on how to take your subscription. My favorite is to drop it into Google Reader since I don’t use the Google homepage.  My Yahoo is an option, although it’s already a pretty busy site without a reading list. There’s also the relatively low-key Live Bookmark option for those who would rather use the 20th-century technology of bookmarks and favorites. This also works for sites that don’t offer feed.  If I change my mind at some time, I can resubscribe and choose another way to take my subscription.  There is no right answer to how to take a subscription, other than to be sure to send it to a place you can easily find again.

Happy clicking, and feel free to comment on your experience with getting up to the minute information via feeds.  Love it?  Hate it?  Got some suggestions?  Hit that comment button at the bottom of this and any post.  We love to hear from our readers.


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