How Has The U.S. Military Veterans Center in Second Life Benefited You?

How has the U.S. Military Veterans Center and/or its membership been a help to you in your real life?  Here’s your opportunity to say so!  Tell us how the Vet Center and/or the group has influenced your life.  Other informative stories are encouraged as well.  We’ve posted a wealth of content, including videos and web links. Again, if possible, please post your comments by January 15th.


4 Responses to “How Has The U.S. Military Veterans Center in Second Life Benefited You?”

  1. Dahlea Milena Says:

    The first week I came into Second Life (SL), as a veteran, I wanted to see if there were other veterans beside myself. Using the search function I found the U.S. Military Veterans Center (Vets Center)& teleported in.

    Upon my arrival, I was warmly greeted, given a tour explaining their mission, & asked general questions about my military history & any affiliations with veterans organizations. Within a short while, I was wearing a tag proudly proclaiming my status as a U.S. Air Force veteran. I was even given a landmark to a PX where Edward Pluto makes SL’s best customized military uniforms!

    I wore my tag around SL, where it opened doors to many friendships as fellow veterans recognized & acknowledged me, some of whom did not know of the Vets Center before meeting me.

    As a national officer for the National Native American Veterans Association (NNAVA), I was very impressed with the Vets Center mission to provide a safe social network for RL veterans in SL & a portal to veterans organizations & benefits. So much so, that I approached NNAVA about starting our own SL presence. Given the green light, I purchased a parcel of mainland. Unfortunately, good intentions aside, I did not yet have the necessary building skills. So I reached out to the Vets Center for assistance.

    The immediate response was overwhelming, as several Vets Center staff & members offered assistance with skills &/or materials: Asdzaa, Gwill, Nomad, Hondo, Grunt, Panza, Bullet, Edward, Mya, Shaunny, just to name a few. Within just a few short days, NNAVA Tribal Lands had become a reality, a peaceful native themed environment for any veteran to come & find a place to seek council, assistance, or just have a place to retreat from everyday & recenter themselves. This would not have been possible had it not been for the wonderful staff & members of the Vets Center.

    SL NNAVA is proudly affiliated with the U.S. Military Veterans Center in supporting our veterans, troops, & their families in SL and RL, whatever the need.

    To my many wonderful SL friends & to any RL readers, see you all in SL, join us at the Vets center for a visit & a cup of coffee, & always remember, RL takes precedence!

  2. Shaunny Says:

    You have asked me for my reasons the US Military Veteran’s Center in Second Life as benefited me. Well, i can say that in Real Life it has benefited both myself and my husband(who also plays Second Life). We both have learned about the medical issues and the ways we can help in guiding others along a path that we ours selfs have been down coming from Active Duty to reserves and now again back to Active Duty Service.
    For six long hard years in Real Life, my husband, jeff and i struggled with working full time and jeff working 2 jobs at one point to try and help paying bills and rent with this parents for 2 years that we had lived with them. Along these 6 years we not only lost the things we had worked hard to obtain, but had moved to my home state and home town to find better work…. well, i was also carrying our first born at this time and it was all on jeff’s shoulders to get us somewhere before December of 2003. living in motel rooms over a hard winter and little food and clothing. and a newborn as well. we finally had gotten an apartment in march of 2004..
    Along this fight to get us in a home we fought with navy recruiters to get jeff back in Active Duty some how. FINALLY after adding two more beautiful children to our family ( our youngest born in October of 2006) … September of 2007 comes and on jeff’s 29th birthday he is swearing in to return to Active Duty Navy again..
    We are now ont he east coast and have finally gorren not only our Real Life things in order, but we have also used Second Life to keep ourselfs together on long hard and lonly nights of long distances as well..
    i will always remember the first time i met wit Gwill Brickwoeks and ASdzaa Oh, Nomad Albartros, HONDO Slade and our belobed Cowboy Wayne… All of whom i can reach out to aand ask for help of I ever need it . even to talk with.
    i also have brought in a Military Spouse and Significant oters group from a web based group i am member of … i always am striving to get any and all information tat may benefit others in Second Life from my First Life dealings with other Military people.

  3. Jenna Heartsdale Says:

    Since meeting Gwill, and being introduced to the Vet Center, I’ve come to know so much more then I ever may have about how our military is affected by their service to our Country.
    I was made to feel like family like I’ve never known. Someone understood how I felt having two of my son’s laying their life on the line as U.S. Marines, and never made me feel as though this was not a huge thing in my life.
    Having someone that you can talk about fears with, have some things explained, being given suggestions of how I can best help my son’s with some of the effects of war has meant more to me then words can ever say.
    The friendships mean more to me then I can put into words, and I will love the people at the Vet Center forever. They are my family, forever, just like I will forever be a proud Marine Mom.
    As I try to find a way to somehow give back, again I have so much support I’m speechless. My life is better for being a part of this wonderful group. Thank you

  4. moderndaynomad Says:

    As an active member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), an aging but strong organization consisting of comabt veterans, I explored SL as a possibility to reach younger veterans. It was not until hearing a story about military suicides that I started my research of using SL as an outreach tool in earnest.

    Upon entering SL and conducting a search, I found the US Military Veterans Center and met 2 of its founders. After an idepth conversation about their mission and goals, I knew I found the right resource I would need for my project. After a few visits, I was given space at the original Veterans Center to put up a VFW extension. Their mentoring and patience allowed me to start the process of demonstrating the uses of SL with my National Headquarters.

    Since been giving my own space, I have watched thh group grow from 40 members to over 650 members, but it has never lost its family atmosphere or mentality. As with most families, we protect our own and seek out those who understand our experiences and trials. I have been able to demonstrate the use of SL as an outreach tool and have steered over a dozen disabled veterans to a professional who can provide them assistance with filing a VA claim, assistance these veterans would probably not have known about without their experience in SL.

    The success of my project can be attributed directly to the US Military Veterans Center. All of its members dereve a heartfelt “thank you,” not just for your service and sacrifices, but reminding me, personally, of why I continue to be a member of an organization such as the VFW.

    We may not be able to change the world, but we can make a difference to our heroes, one veterans at a time. Keep up the good work!

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